Aside from some historical photographs and local high school prints (which I may add are an excellent series of Spear Pharmacy photographs). It was really Nita Fitzpatrick, who in 1978 took a series of photographs of Spear Pharmacy and other downtown La Puente spots. Her interest in photography has given us a permanent collection of interior shots that more than likely are the only ones in existence. What she did in 1978 by photographing one of her favorite places (Main Street) - reminds me of those missed opportunities I wish I took in my neighborhood. The Sunkist Shopping Center on Amar for one. Thank you Nita for your permission to use your prints, your prints have your name and year taken. If anyone has any others to share, email us at LA PUENTE DAYS
Scene before showing Ward & Barbara Cleaver, then Spear Pharmacy and then next scene with Wally & Eddie in Malt Shop